• The Plan Sponsor University

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    I wanted to fill you in on a program that would be a great learning opportunity for our clients that are 401(k) plan administrators.

    Corby Dall is a friend of our firm and is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Utah in collaboration with the UCLA Anderson School of Business. They host learning events for business professionals responsible for their company’s retirement plans. It is called The Plan Sponsor University. The half day event on October 9th will allow attendees to earn a designation as a Certified 401(k) Plan Specialist, C(k)PS. Please see the agenda HERE and information below for more details. HR & Finance professionals that have gone through the curriculum and participated in the sessions have provided wonderful feedback.

    Diversified would love to host and sponsor any of our clients that may benefit or appreciate this learning opportunity. Please let us know if you plan to attend. Please send RSVPs to info@ diversifiedinsurance.com

    The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) has spent considerable time in organizing and measuring the factors which contribute to successful outcomes in Retirement Plans. The mission of The Plan Sponsor University is to introduce academic research, in the form of behavioral finance, into the conversation of management and oversight of employer sponsored retirement plans.

    TPSU was founded to support concentrated continuing education in the areas of established practices and new concepts in retirement plan oversight. Classroom sessions are hands-on, inter-active and thought provoking.

    The Plan Sponsor University is in existence to help plan sponsors in their understanding of both- establishing a firm foundation for the plan; and the baseline measures of success for their own plan. This half day of education addresses, among other topics, fiduciary governance and the intersection of historical investor behavior with investor psychology and human emotion.

    We hope that some of our valued clients can join Corby to enhance their retirement plan prowess and potentially earn the C(k)PS designation. (Lunch will also be provided)

  • Summit Conference 2013 Looks to Be Stellar

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    Diversified is the Title Sponsor of the 2013 Summit Director & Officer Governance Conference and it is shaping up to be another stellar event with a great lineup of keynote speakers and panelists.

    This year we have Reatha Clark King, Chair of the National Association of Corporate Directors leading off the conference Thursday morning. Reatha, a former NACD Director of the Year, is also a current Director at Exxon and has served on numerous boards including the H.B. Fuller Company, Wells Fargo & Company, Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company, University of Chicago, American Council on Education and the Council on Foundations. Retha spoke at our conference three years ago and was very well received with her quick wit and common sense advice.

    Jerry Atkin, a remarkable individual, has also agreed to speak at the conference and in addition to being a great person has an unique history. Jerry currently serves on the Board of Directors of Zion’s Bancorporation, and is a member of the Utah Board of Regents. In 1975 Jerry joined SkyWest as Director of Finance. Shortly thereafter, at age 26, he became the youngest President of a scheduled airline. Jerry has served as Chief Executive Officer since 1975 and was elected as Chairman of the Board in June 1991. He has led the Company from annual revenues of under $1 million to more than $4.5 billion. Jerry is well experienced and very well grounded. When he speaks, people listen.

    Clark Gilbert, President of Deseret News and Deseret Digital Media, is speaking on “Taking Advantage of the Digital Future”. Clark is a dynamic speaker and former Harvard Business School Professor. If you do not have the opportunity to hear anyone else speak at the Summit Conference, make sure he is on your list. He is easily one of the smartest people I have ever met with respect to digital strategies and good business practices.

    Adam Epstein, founding member of Third Creek Advisors and author of The Perfect Corporate Board is also presenting at the conference. Epstein was named as a National Association of Corporate Directors Board Leadership Fellow in December, the highest level of credentialing for corporate directors and corporate governance professionals. He currently serves as the lead independent director on the board of OCZ Technology Group (OCZ), a San Jose, Calif.-based developer of solid-state drive technology for computing devices and systems. He also advises a number of boards of small-cap and micro-cap companies, as well as investment funds.

    Bill Wiersma, Author of The Power of Professionalism and Founder, Wiersma Consultants, will be our lunch speaker on Thursday. Bill is a former director in a Fortune 200 company and was a board member and president of a privately held tech company focused on emerging markets.

    Additional keynote speakers include Former Senator Bob Bennett, Adam Hartung (Managing Partner-Spark Partners), Joan Woodward (Executive Vice President Public Policy, The Travelers Companies, former Vice President and Director of Washington Research for Goldman Sachs, former Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance), Stavros Tsibirdis (Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities), and Ron Jibson, (CEO, Questar Corporation)

    We also have some great panels with stellar panelists. We look forward to seeing you there on December 5-6 at the beautiful Montage Deer Valley Resort in Park City. The room rates are only $239 per night at the nicest hotel/resort in Utah and quite possibly the nicest in the intermountain west.

  • Insurance Agent Dropped the Ball? You May Have a Claim

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    This is a great piece from JD Supra. Make sure you choose a qualified agent that is looking out for your best interests.

    In 2001 the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in Webb v. Gittlen that a claim can be assigned to a third party if a case involves insurance company negligence. In this particular instance, a liquor store sold a keg of beer to a minor who later drove drunk and crashed, killing the passenger riding in his car. The Webbs, owners of the store, claimed that their insurance agent had failed to inform them that the umbrella policy they had purchased did not cover accidents involving liquor. In the wrongful death suit that followed, the Webbs assigned the right to sue the insurance agent for negligence to the parents of the deceased minor.

    This case illuminates one of many aspects in the growing field of insurance company malpractice. During the process of purchasing, filing and activating an insurance policy, agents can potentially make mistakes that later harm their clients, such as:

    Providing inadequate information about the policy
    Making errors in paperwork that result in inadequate or incorrect coverage
    Failing to regularly review or update the policy
    Inferring to a client that they have coverage for something they do not
    While these oversights could be attributed to simple human error, in an environment of fierce competition and commission-driven sales, insurance agents are often pressured into practices that might leave their clients at a disadvantage. Errors in writing, explaining or applying an insurance policy can result in missing essential coverage, causing serious and irreparable damage to clients.

    If your insurance claim has been denied, the insurance company may not be completely forthright about the reason. If you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, either intentionally or simply due to human error, consult an insurance litigation attorney to find out more about your rights.

  • Heatlhcare Seminar Series | Emergency Preparedness for the Affordable Care Act

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    We are pleased to invite you to Diversified Insurance’s Seminar Series, designed to help employers prepare for the upcoming Affordable Care Act (ACA) timelines. Our three part seminar series is not only designed to just teach you how the ACA will affect your business, but to also help you look at employee benefits in a new way.

    Our first seminar, “Knowing the Rules”, is designed to help you deeply understand the impact the ACA will have on your company. Diversified is excited to host our nationally recognized, expert Compliance Director, Peter Marathas, Esq. to guide you through the new rules and regulations regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We promise he will make a complicated subject entertaining!

    Please click the LINK to learn more about these seminars and register for “Knowing the rules” for what is surely to be the best series you will attend.