Who we are
Diversified Insurance is a full-service insurance agency, benefits consultant and risk management consultant. We service client operations in every state in the U.S. and a number of countries throughout the world.
We realize that true value-add is ultimately measured by customer loyalty and satisfaction. As risk management professionals, we are dedicated to protecting the assets and shareholder value of our clients and business partners. For over thirty years, Diversified has been recognized for its professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence in customer service and risk management.
What We Do
    We have a reputation for adding a personalized touch to service. We strive to be accountable and responsive. In an industry where numerical factors sometimes supplant human factors, we have always endeavored to provide the kind of personal service which guarantees client satisfaction. We believe in being innovative and on the cutting edge of new approaches to healthcare. Managing risk, technical expertise and service are the reasons clients come to Diversified Insurance Group.
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