Philosophy : First Seek to Understand

The Mission of Diversified Benefit Services Group is to partner with our clients and be a Client Advocate in all aspects of Employee Benefits. Understanding the individual company culture and providing a broad selection of innovative choices is the goal of the benefits department.

Our employees are exceptionally competent people whose goal is to deliver high-quality products and provide outstanding customer service.

Our power to create innovative business solutions and accomplish our goals is driven by the philosophy of our values, which are:

Integrity: We deliver as promised.
Results: We are driven to achieve solutions for our clients.
Passion: We have energy and determination for greatness.
Respect: We foster trusted relationships


The Benefits division is structured such that every account has one team leader and several specialists that provide different areas of expertise.

Producer – Strategic Team Leader

Account Manager -Manage the day to day to find quick solutions to your needs. Internal management of the bid process and implementation of the contracts at open enrollment.

Underwriter – An in-house underwriter collects your claims data and provides expert analysis. This allows your team to negotiate more effectively with the carriers on your behalf.

Member Advocate – Your employees will have an advocate that will help them resolve issues with prior-auth, claims and general questions, while maintaining their privacy.