21 Oct 2020

A Conversation about Journi

Bikin’ Brokers Episode 1: A Conversation About Journi

Insurance brokers and biking enthusiasts Miles Romney and Chris Merrill have teamed up to create the Bikin’ Brokers podcast. The goal of the podcast is to have conversations about the latest developments and happenings in the Employee Benefits world.

Here is the link to listen to the first episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bikin-brokers/id1526890386

a look at the journi app, a new platform for healthcare

Introducing Journi, a Healthcare Solutions Platform

For their inaugural podcast, they invited Doug Boudreaux, VP of Sales and Dan Richards, Manager of New Sales at Regence, to have a conversation about Journi. Journi is an integrated health care solutions platform that helps employees organize and manage their family’s healthcare, all in one place. Between understanding benefits and navigating care options, healthcare can be daunting. Not to mention, costly. Journi is here to help with those issues.

How much does Journi Cost?

When you begin the conversation about Journi, the first question most employers ask, “Is Journi going to cost me money?” Yes, there is a cost. But the cost is offset by engaging the population effectively. Journi enables users to go to providers that are lower cost, but higher satisfaction. The best care possible is oftentimes not the most expensive. Journi shows that high-quality care can come at a lower cost. The highest cost to the employer is the claims component. So if we can lower that utilization component by sending people to get better care at a lower cost channel, then ultimately we can offset the cost of the platform.

woman accessing her healthcare information on the Journi app

How does Journi affect the HR team?

Human Resources personnel are being bombarded by employees asking all of the same questions. In our conversation about Journi, we found the great thing about Journi is that it has all the answers, so you no longer have to bug your HR team. HR people love it because the Journi platform can answer all of the most common questions.

Cutting through the dysfunction

The dysfunction of the healthcare industry has created dysfunction in every company. It’s an industry that is so complicated and costly. Journi helps Human Resources teams answer questions, which in turn saves them large amounts of time. Journi will send analytics and reporting to the HR staff. It will show them how they are saving costs as well. Limitless reporting. Part of the power of analytics is that it is proactive. The platform allows you to look forward because it is real-time data.

an overview and conversation about Journi and how it works

Which health plans use Journi?

The future of Journi is exciting because ultimately, it will sit on any health plan on any carrier. Data can be shared back and forth. Healthcare data is very sensitive and is protected.

All healthcare information in one place

One of the main goals with Journi is to consolidate all of your healthcare information and have it in one location. Within seconds, your entire health history can be loaded into Journi. It makes everything simple and integrated. The platform keeps a running timeline of all medical appointments and events. You can manage your own healthcare and the healthcare of your dependents.

Can my Journi information be shared?

Yes, it can if you give permissions. For example, the parent of kids with allergies. He can invite his babysitter into the platform for the part discussing his children’s allergies so they know what medicine they can take. This simplifies things so when someone needs information quickly, it is at their fingertips.

Journi Care Guides

Care guides are on call 24-hours a day. You can contact them through texting, phone call or email. They are all medical professionals. They are available anytime, yes even in the middle of the night for a prescription. The care guide is an overarching concierge type of individual. Most people work through them first and they will direct them to the right person to talk to. Through the Journi platform, you also have access to a wellness coach, nurse, and pharmacy.

woman having a conversation about Journi

Personal experience with Journi

Doug shared his experience using the Journi platform and how it helped his family. Doug has a daughter in Washington and needed to find a provider in-network. Of course, he wanted it to be the best quality and was able to do that through his care guide. He was able to book lab work and x-rays, physical therapy, etc. Using the same care guide throughout the experience made his experience very smooth. He said it felt like he had his own personal healthcare assistant.

Owning your health information

Most people feel they should own their health information and it should be portable. Journi allows them to do that. They can look back at Journi and find information from appointments one week ago, or even two years ago.

Implementation of Journi

Journi has its own implementation team. That means the HR team does not need to do any of the work. You can direct people into the Journi platform to make their health plan decisions. It is a one-stop-shop. One integral part of the platform is helping employees making decisions. Part of understanding which decision to make is having information. It allows you to have a platform that will educate users better. Are you trying to save money, are you trying to grow your HSA, etc? The platform will help you find the right option for you.

To continue the conversation about the Journi platform, go here. To contact Diversified Insurance Group about Employee Benefits, go here.