We recognized long ago that the ramifications to our clients regarding COBRA compliance could be severe—including lawsuits and hefty fines—so we set out to find the most effective and compliant approach to COBRA Administration for our clients.

We determined that engaging an outside expert who specializes in COBRA Administration is vital—putting the responsibility of notifications, payments, and compliance onto the COBRA Administrator. Diversified provides this service for all our clients and facilitates file feeds to the vendor.

Remaining in Compliance

Diversified works only with the best, most experienced administrators—helping to avoid common COBRA Administration mistakes. Our chosen vendors will ensure that you meet the federal regulations surrounding COBRA, requiring that all qualified beneficiaries receive notices and communications on time.

Streamlined Processing

Utilizing a COBRA Administration vendor streamlines processes for both HR and the participants by creating a single portal to send & receive COBRA paperwork, collect premiums, and submit eligibility to carriers.

Claims Review and Alternate Coverage

COBRA can be a costly insurance alternative. Diversified also frequently reviews claims from COBRA participants and assists them in finding alternative coverage options.