Due to the complexity of Employee Benefits contracts, we thoroughly review all carrier contracts for performance, cost-savings, and intentions. Where there are discrepancies, we have a full legal team that can help deal with any inconsistencies that may arise.

All plan documents are maintained with a strict protocol that ensures nothing is missed as they are updated and managed each plan year. This management protocol is updated each year with advisory from our legal counsel, so clients don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

Life & Disability Plans

We spend time assessing every piece of Life and Disability contracts. Our thorough review helps to avoid situations where a disability isn’t considered a disability due to the definition of “disability” within a given contract; this is something we frequently find on contracts put in place before our hiring.

Pharmacy Plans

Whether your pharmacy benefits are managed by your medical carrier or carved out and covered by a PBM, without an annual contract review of the benefits, you could be missing out on significant savings. Diversified is dedicated to reviewing your contracts to ensure you’re getting the best options available.

Stop-loss Contracts

We have negotiated on behalf of several clients and experienced refunds, as a provider is required to return a portion of the premium should your claims fall below a particular level. We have dedicated significant resources to creating or participating in coalitions, co-ops, and other pooling mechanisms.

Plan Performance

We dig through each contract to evaluate income on spreads or income on “savings” created from subrogation. Whenever possible, Diversified negotiates performance guarantees from your providers, requiring both service pricing guarantees.