At Diversified, we understand that an attractive Employee Benefits package is a critical piece of an employee’s total compensation package. We also understand it can be a challenge ensuring that the benefits package is attractive and robust, due to the rising costs of healthcare.

With custom plan design and the right team behind you, it’s possible to offer a competitive Employee Benefits package that fits your budget. Our extensive experience in the insurance industry has allowed us to establish a reliable process that will generate long-term, achievable solutions to meet your benefits needs:

Analyze Existing Plan Data

Reviewing the data on your current benefits program will give our experts crucial insights into their performance, cost, and structure, allowing them to analyze how the current benefits compare with the needs and benefits strategy of your business.

Find Room for Improvements

After reviewing any growth, retention, administration, financial, and satisfaction issues surrounding your existing plans, Diversified will begin assessing areas to improve your Employee Benefits plan offerings.

Create Plan Goals

Through our detailed planning process, your Diversified team will layout a series of short and long-term goals to address any issues that are uncovered during our data analysis and plan objective reviews.

Make Recommendations

With a focus on cost containment, improved outcomes, member education and engagement, administrative efficiency, and financial structuring, Diversified will make a series of product recommendations to create an Employee Benefits plan for the future of your business.

Plan Design includes more than just Medical Insurance

Diversified’s team of Employee Benefits experts can offer comprehensive plan designs for a variety of coverages, including:

Competitive, Creative Custom Plan Designs

While the healthcare industry continues to change, Diversified has stayed ahead of the game. With leading-edge technology, extensive expertise, and national collaborative resources, we work hard to design competitive, creative, and cost-saving Employee Benefits packages for every client.