Overwhelming, confusing, or frustrating insurance issues are exactly why Diversified has an Employee Advocate; someone who is dedicated to helping every employee.

Our Employee Advocacy team, lead by our Employee Advocate Christy Butterfield, is here to explain your benefits package inside & out. From describing the difference between network contracting, and contracted or non-contracted providers to detailing preventive care, deductible, and out-of-pocket maximums, this team is here for you.

Using Your Benefits

Understanding how your benefits work makes utilizing them considerably more straightforward. Our Employee Advocate is here to explain how to use your Employee Benefits package, help coordinate services between providers, and answer any other questions you may have—including locating specialists for specific conditions.

Billing Issues, Claims Issues, and Prior Authorizations

Sometimes issues arise out of billing or claims for services. Our Employee Advocate is here to support you in working with carriers & providers to resolve payment issues, clarify the total and out-of-pocket costs for services, and assist with gaining referrals & prior authorizations for services.

Denied Claims and Appeals

Occasionally claims are denied, and you must go through the complex process of seeking an appeal. Our Employee Advocate has significant experience in this process and will work with you, the provider, and the carrier every step of the way.

Meet Your Employee Advocate

Christy Butterfield, our dedicated Employee Advocate, offers each employee a place they can go when they need assistance. With her experience in insurance claims billing and training customer service teams for large national carriers, Christy uses her extensive knowledge to lead our Employee Advocacy team and help employees get the most out of their benefits.

You Have Someone in Your Corner

If you have questions about how exactly your benefits work, need someone to help with billing or claims issues, or have had a claim denied and need to know what happens next—your Employee Advocate is here to help you.