The key to successful Employee Communication is giving clear and engaging materials that explain overwhelming, industry-specific jargon. In the ever-changing world of Employee Benefits, employees need communication materials that outline changes that specifically impact them. The Diversified Employee Communications team puts a specific focus on translating carrier information into formats that fit into everyday life and language.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Guide

We’ve spent significant resources developing informational content for your employees that is second to none. The result is an Employee Benefits guide that is both meaningful and easily understood by employees and their spouses or partners at home.

Communication Support Materials

We also offer other collateral such as flyers, mailers, emails, all of which we will customize with your branding to create a seamless integration in your organization saving your HR department from additional work. 

Translation Services

We understand the importance of being able to communicate about Employee Benefits with your entire employee population. We offer full translation services for the materials that we provide to your employees.

Open Enrollment Meetings & Webinars

Open Enrollment is often the largest meeting each year, creating an ideal opportunity to educate employees about their Employee Benefits. We will provide needed material and even conduct your Open Enrollment meetings, both in-person and via webinar, to help you increase the effectiveness of your Employee Communication.

Ongoing Employee Education

Across our clients, we spend hundreds of hours each year with employees helping them understand how to make better use of their benefits and be good consumers of healthcare—this alone can significantly alter employee engagement plans, increase satisfaction with plans, and improve the efficacy of programs in place to help employees find better care at lower cost.