Through Online Benefits Administration you can streamline your administration processes by tracking and managing multiple plan types, including medical, dental, life, and disability plans and setting eligibility rules all within the same unified platform—allowing you to see all of your benefit plans in one screen and easily manage them within a single system.

With the right system, you can efficiently update Employee Benefits plans—unifying the employee experience by showcasing your Employee Benefits plans and other perks offered to your employees.

Customizable In-House Platform

Seeing the improvements that Online Benefits Administration brought to large client groups, Diversified set out to develop our own in-house system. We offer our Ignite system to all of our client groups, regardless of size, giving quick access to custom reporting and tools, improved employee communications, and a custom-tailored onboarding experience.

Work with Your Chosen Vendor

We recognize that some clients have an Online Benefits Administration system that they are pleased with already in place. Diversified is able to work directly with most vendors in the marketplace, including ADP, Workday, and Paylocity.

Carrier File Connections

There are several different benefit plans and insurance types communicated through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 834 file format, specified by HIPAA standards. Diversified has the skills and experience necessary for building 834 file carrier connections, which can result in significant savings for our clients.

Ongoing Technical Support

All technology has occasional problems; the Diversified technology team is always available to help you solve any issues that you may encounter—no matter which Online Benefits Administration system you may choose at renewal.