We evaluate Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to our clients to improve their coverage while also reducing overall costs.

During our evaluation, here are some things we review and consider:

Understanding the Contract

Whether your pharmacy benefits are managed by your medical carrier or carved out and covered by a PBM, you could miss out on significant savings without an annual contract review of the benefits. We will regularly review your contracts to ensure you’re getting the best options available.

Transparency Matters

To maximize pharmacy dollars, it’s essential that your PBM contract outlines explicit guarantees on pricing and a reasonable service term. At Diversified, we are committed to holding carriers accountable to the contracts provided to each client.

Performance Guarantees

A PBM contract should have verifiable pricing terms to allow results to be compared against the contract and ensure guaranteed savings are received. Diversified understands the importance of your pharmacy benefits when making plan changes and recommendations.

Look for Savings Today

Through our experience, Diversified knows that when experts negotiate with current pharmacy benefits managers, terms can easily be improved. There has never been a better time for employers to have their general and specialty pharmacy strategies reviewed for optimal pricing terms and other savings opportunities.