Our in-house Data Analytics team is an invaluable resource to our clients. By interpreting claims, plan, and even financial data into usable information, which allows us to provide each client with clear, understandable reports about what is happening within a given group. As the Data Analytics team works closely with your Diversified team, they enable us to make appropriate recommendations for the planning, budgeting, and adjustment of your plan.

The Data Analytics team is also involved in:

Quarterly Data Reviews

We are committed to meeting with every client quarterly to review their data, but we meet many of them every month. Data Review meetings are not just a review of where claims are running, but also a discussion with various partners utilizing the data we have that shows progress.

Actuarial & Reinsurance

Our Actuarial & Reinsurance group excels at solving puzzles, finding solutions, building products, and developing strategies that align with an employer’s vision, style & skill set. We provide realistic and creative solutions to help business owners prepare for and mitigate the financial risks associated with undesirable incidents in the future.

Carrier Negotiation

We don’t take just the data that the carriers provide and rely on that; Diversified uploads every claim and code for analysis, allowing us to make recommendations. At the negotiation table, we have the leverage of knowing more about every claimant. We have all the data to back our recommendations if we need to know if a plan change is working.

Knowledge is Power

Whether your group is looking to improve the Health & Wellbeing of their group, carve out their Pharmacy Benefit Management, or make the move from fully-insured to self-funding Diversified has the knowledge and experience to help them succeed.

Choosing the Right Plan

The in-depth data analysis that Diversified provides to our clients creates the space to market plans, negotiate competitive renewals, and, most importantly, allows our clients to offer a plan designed to meet the needs of their specific group.