In 2001, Spence co-founded Diversified Insurance Group and currently serves as the firm’s President and CEO. He has been in the Property and Casualty insurance industry for 25+ years. He has spent the better part of his career working with and insuring growth companies: VC backed, private equity-financed, IPO and public companies. Industry specialties: Directors and Officers, Cyber, Technology Errors and Omissions and VCAP.

Important Fact

Spence knows Don McLean’s “American Pie” by heart and would happily be 27 years old forever–it was his last great hair year.

Spence Hoole

President & CEO

Jeana is a licensed benefit consultant and registered nurse with 30 years of healthcare and insurance carrier experience. She specializes in plan design, compliance, wellness initiatives, member education, and communication, all of which are an integral part of creating an empowered employee.

Important Fact

Jeana travels to new places each year and bebops to the melodic tones of Carole King each step of the way.

Jeana Hutchings

Benefits Practice Leader

Joe is our COO with more than twenty-five years experience in the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. His background includes Executive VP and Managing Director of Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Utah and executive positions with ITA Insurance. Industry specialties: Technology, Life Sciences, Personal Lines and Financial Services.

Important Fact

Joe is an avid birdwatcher and loves college b-ball – especially if the Utes are playing.

Joe Henriod

Chief Operating Officer

Sean has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience, including large group medical underwriting and employee benefits consulting. An expert in plan design, underwriting analysis, predictive modeling & reporting, self-funding evaluation, and benefit strategy, he has excellent technical abilities, including financial analysis and medical experience analysis & reporting.

Important Fact

Sean enjoys cats, obscure post-rock music, long walks on the beach (alone), and ginger ale. And his wife and kids, too.

Sean Oliver

Executive Vice President

Steve has 30 years of experience working as a Property & Casualty broker developing and managing commercial insurance programs for businesses across the United States. He has worked with large, sophisticated organizations in a variety of industries, taking a very proactive approach in designing and managing property & casualty insurance programs to meet the unique needs of each client.

Important Fact

Steve believes Carmex to be the most luxuriant balm to have ever graced the inhabitants of planet earth.

Steve Handley

Executive Vice President

Brian Carter

Executive Vice President

Bob has been working in the insurance industry, specifically focused on the Employee Benefits Health and Welfare sector, for the last 20 years. He has formerly worked with large employers as Vice President in the Large Group Employer Business Development department of the national health insurance carrier, United Healthcare.

Important Fact

On top of playing college football, Bob is also a skilled fencer–a sport involving the use of a sword. En garde, bad guys!

Bob Howard

Senior Vice President

Bob comes with a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent 20+ years at Marsh/Johnson & Higgins where he was instrumental in acquiring numerous large corporate accounts. Bob left Marsh to become an entrepreneur to further help his Risk Management clients by developing ARISCO Risk Profile Management software. At Diversified, he leads our Alternative Risk Financing services. Industry specialties: Technology, Bio-Tec, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

Important Fact

If you give Bob 40 minutes, he will tell you everything there is to know about Mountain Biking (PPT slides optional).

Bob Pflueger

Vice President

Cheryl Carter

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Merrill

Director of Strategy & Engagement

Hollee’s main focus is helping people through complex problems. She treats every person like they are important and they are her number one priority.  She has successfully resolved numerous benefit related issues for employees, all while developing sincere relationships with the people she works with. 

Important Fact

Hollee is an Aggie and graduated from Utah State where she played softball!

Hollee Rasmussen

Employee Advocate

Throughout her 15-year Marketing and Graphic Design career, Colleen has put a particular focus on clean, concise, easily understood communication and on designing inviting pieces that don’t hide behind a flurry of big, uncommon language. Her unique communication, design, and insurance experience allows Colleen to understand insurance jargon and translate it into easily understandable concepts.

Important Fact

Colleen is a fervent supporter of the Oxford comma and wishes the fonts Comic Sans and Papyrus were never invented.

Colleen Berg

Brand Marketing Manager

Gabriela has always held a clear vision, a high degree of integrity, and a passion for advocating for business growth and consumer education. With nearly 20 years of experience, she has become a “go-to” agent in the community. Gabriela’s success derives from meticulously tailoring the best Employee Benefits options for her clients and backing it up with the finest service available.

Important Fact

On her continual path of self-improvement and discovery, Gabi would like to unlock the mystery of what dogs are actually thinking.

Gabriela Benitez

Senior Benefits Advisor

John is an expert at Risk Management specializing in Directors and Officers and Cyber Liability insurance. He has worked with companies throughout Utah to provide guidance on coverage solutions and to act as a claim liaison. Industry specialties: Technology, Manufacturing, and Consumer Products.

Important Fact

John may just be the only insurance producer in Utah with claim experience for a waterboarding incident. Yes, you read that correctly.

John Campos

Senior Vice President

With his bachelor’s degree in Business Finance, Jon brings over ten years of experience from the Finance and Accounting field. He specializes in custom reporting specifically built to give our clients a detailed view into how well their benefit plans are performing, allowing us to see what’s working well and also understand where changes need to be made.

Important Fact

Jon has three great loves in life: adventures, shenanigans, and nap time. Oh, and he likes his kids, too.

Jon Nelson

Senior Data Analyst

Kenny began his career working as a Human Resources generalist and Training Coordinator, giving him hands-on knowledge about the type of support necessary to manage Human Resources effectively. His substantial experience with Online Enrollment Solutions results in a unique understanding of how to streamline the enrollment process.

Important Fact

Kenny is a simple man who enjoys piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Kenny Borton

Director of Technology & Marketing

Kevin has more than 20 years working in the high-tech industry. His experience helping companies manage their risk management portfolios ranges from early stage research and development to worldwide production and distribution. Industry specialties: Technology, Consumer Products, and Food.

Important Fact

Kevin enjoys driving cars with a good ol’ fashioned stick shift and thinks heated car seats are the best thing since sliced bread.

Kevin Hyer

Account Executive

Kevin’s BYU marketing degree has served him well working in sales and marketing for large public companies and currently managing marketing and business dev efforts for us. He is one of the longest tenured Board members of the MountainWest Capital Network and also runs the Summit Director and Officer Conference held in Deer Valley. He is finicky about fonts and loves all visual media – but especially photography, where his keen eye is valuable.

Important Fact

Kevin is likely hanging off a mountain somewhere or ripping down an mtb bike trail when he is not at work. He is also married to Utah’s best pie maker.

Kevin Jessop

Chief Marketing Officer

Lindsey Thompson Professional Lindsey Thompson - Sports Fanatic

A commercial insurance broker with 5+ years experience, Lindsey is a former business owner and knows well the challenges facing startups with all of the time demands. Lindsey excels at making complex things simple to understand. Her responsiveness and attention to detail have earned her many kudos f rom her clients. Experienced with startups and middle market companies, she relates well to her clients and is passionate about f inding easy and affordable risk management solutions to business problems. Lindsey has a B.S. degree Brigham Young University and can often be found playing flag football when she is not at work.

Lindsey Thompson

Account Executive

Marc Mickelsen

Senior Benefits Consultant

For more than 20 years, Matt’s brokering experience has included program design, marketing, promotion, sales and risk management services. Matt’s integrity and experience have earned him clients ranging from large public companies to small venture-backed startups. Industry specialties: Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, and Medical Services.

Important Fact

Despite his love of Historical books, Matt doesn’t see the point of Game of Thrones and after that ending, we don’t blame him.

Matt Henriod

Senior Vice President

Mike Lundquist

Senior Benefits Advisor

With his master’s degree in Business Administration with a Human Resources emphasis, Miles previously work in small business operations for more than five years. After joining Diversified six years ago, Miles has become a specialist on Employee Benefits in Utah and devotes his time to working with local and national employers of all sizes.

Important Fact

Miles loves Mercedes-Benz Unimog Trucks. Like LOVES them. Don’t know what those are? You’re not alone; we had to Google them too.

Miles Romney

Senior Benefits Advisor

With 17 years of experience as a Risk Management Advisor and Property & Casualty Broker, Regan also has extensive experience with Private Equity, Venture Capital, and M&A Transactions, including Representation & Warranty coverage. Industry Specialties: Consumer Products, Energy, Food Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Nutraceuticals, Restaurants, and Technology.

Important Fact

Regan’s ideal weekend is spent at the helm of a boat or on  a beach with his family, enjoying a Diet Coke and working on his farmer’s tan.

Regan Guth

Senior Vice President

Sam’s experience helping companies manage their risk management portfolios ranges from early stage research and development to worldwide production and distribution. With his unique mix of technical acumen and business management skills Sam is often called upon to help our clients navigate the complex risk landscape to achieve growth and profitability objectives. Industry specialties: Life Sciences, Medical Services, Consumer Products, and Manufacturing.

Important Fact

As our Best Dressed Producer, Sam has some advice: never skimp out when buying shoes. Oxfords, not Brogues.

Sam Haslam

Account Executive

Sam Hoole

Client Advisor

Trish studied business at Southern Utah University and has over eight years of healthcare industry experience. Her focus over that time has been on business development and health & wellness programs for clients of all sizes. Trish’s goal is to provide the most innovative health benefits possible to business groups at affordable prices. She has excellent interpersonal skills and believes that everyone is important.

Important Fact

Trish can teach you to redecorate your house or haggle for a bargain, all at the drop of a hat!

Trish Brown

Vice President of Business Development