20 Jul 2022

Diversified Key Contributor Awards

We want to reward and recognize associates that are going above and beyond. They will receive a “Key Contributor Award”. We have identified three people who were nominated by their peers at Diversified. Each of our winners receives a cash award for their efforts, along with recognition.

Meg Quincy – Expertise

First up is Meg Quincy. She received the award for her expertise. Meg has trained Olivia and Abby to help service complex accounts. The clients they are helping with have extensive insurance requirements. Jenny Martin recognized her saying, “I want to thank Meg Quincy for all the training she has provided them!  How she was able to do that and still work on all her accounts at the same time is amazing.”

Chris Brimhall – Results

Christine Brimhall headshot

Next up is Christine Brimhall. She received the award for results. Regan Guth said, “I’d like to nominate Chris Brimhall for a Key Contributor Award for all of her efforts with one of our biggest clients and their renewal. The insurance company had significant loss control concerns and Chris spearheaded the coordination of the responses and she was able to get a dedicated claims team assigned. Chris has also been instrumental in marketing the coverages for another important client. The work she is doing will result in a large revenue lift in June.”

Abby Anderson – Professionalism

Abby Anderson headshot

Last up is Abby Anderson. She received the reward for professionalism. She was nominated by Kiersten Moore. She said, “Abby Anderson deserves a brag! Abby has been incredible, she jumped in and helped on a large account when we felt like we were drowning in changes.  She is so on top of their changes and certs.  I don’t think we could handle their volume of changes without her.  She is willing to do anything to help, even things that are new, she jumps right in and always does such a great job.  Just wanted to give her a shout-out,  I am so thankful for the help every day.”

Huge thank you to these three individuals for contributing to Diversified in such a meaningful way.