Forward Thinking and Innovative Ideas

At every level of Diversified Insurance Group, our employees are engaged in client-valued work. Each of our Account Managers have specific client responsibilities. This structure ensure that the leaders of your organization remain focused being proactive and strategic to stay current and competitive.


Strategic Partners

  • Partnerships with innovative companies
  • Captive and alternative funding
  • Broker Advisory Network member (BAN)

Corporate Wellness

  • Custom designed wellness program to fit your culture and company
  • 10 year history of successful and impactful programs
  • Committee implementation and incentive planning

Employee Education and Advocacy

  • Custom communication and education on benefits, plus wellness tips
  • Employee Advocate
  • Resolution assistance to both HR staff and employees

HR Department Support

  • Benefit Administration System are available to ease the benefit process for your HR staff
  • Daily support for HR, as needed
  • Assistance with employee education (benefits, wellness campaigns, notices, ect.)
  • Become an extension of your HR Department 

The Affordable Care Act

  • National, local, and In-house Specialists that identify the direct impact of ACA and work with you to take advantage of any opportunities for your company
  • Personalized documents
  • Continuous updates for your HR staff and employees

Negotiating Strength

  • Carrier and TPS relationships with advisory positions
  • Data driven analytical method of negotiating best rates
  • Established relationships with top carriers and their underwriters
  • In house underwriting expertise 

Plan Financials and Cost Analysis

  • Data driven reporting to create accuracy in rate negotiation
  • HR and Finance partnering to create a 3 to 5 year benefit strategic plan
  • Provide advice throughout plan year to help improve employees health, which may reduce the cost of services and overall cost of your benefits
  • Risk trends and plan specific data


  • Professional and custom benefit guides that outline contact information, and a summary of plan details for coverages offered
  • Flexible on site enrollment meetings that allows your employees to discuss their benefit options in person
  • Targeted campaigns specific to your companies communication and education needs