Employee Communication

Navigate the Healthcare Landscape

Our account management team helps you communicate and educate to help employees be better consumers and live healthier lives.

Our account management team will work with our clients to develop a communication program where the goal is to put information into the hands of the employee so he/she can make smarter, healthier choices. A healthier employee is a productive employee, and an investment in a well-designed and executed communication strategy will result in a smarter healthcare consumer. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services to support our client communication strategies.

According to Watson Wyatt Waytt Worldwide, effective benefits communication is the most significant contributor to overall benefits satisfaction.

The Diversified Communication Advantage

  • Develop a communication program that is unique to your culture
  • Teach employees how to navigate the healthcare choices they may have
  • Teach employees how to navigate the healthcare system
  • Assist employees to be a smarter consumer of healthcare
  • Assist employees to become healthier