SMART Compliance


Ensure Your Health and Welfare Compliance

Our compliance team helps you navigate through the COMPLEX landscape of healthcare LEGISLATION, REGULATION and REFORM with smart compliance.

Learn more about smart compliance, an on-line, single sign-on, cloud-based portal that helps you and your organization attain and maintain compliance with your health and welfare plans.


Compliance Calendar

  • Populates with the most critical events specific to your health & welfare plans
  • Provides access to government documents and templates relevant to your specific requirements


  • Comprehensive look at health care reform povisions by category for easy navigation
  • Enactment timeline features an at-a-glance look at upcoming deadlines

Audit Checklists

  • Stay audit ready with these extensive compliance guides & checklists
  • Organize & execute compliance requirements including documents, filings and notices

Compliance University

  • Listen to LIVE monthly webinars with our health & welfare attorneys and industry experts
  • Latest legal alerts to keep you updated, educated and compliant
  • Smart answers to frequently asked questions


  • Store completed documents, filings and notices
  • Easy, cloud-based access to organized compliance documentation