31 Jul 2021

Everee is changing payroll

Miles Romney and Chris Merrill talked with Brett Barlow, CEO, and Tyler Ploeger, CFO at Everee about how they are changing payroll. Everee is a payroll and payments platform designed for all businesses ranging from independent contractors to hourly workers and everything in between. The platform makes it easy to pay people fast, as often as daily, while maintaining cash flow cycles. They were founded in 2018 by financial leaders who were tired of outdated payroll software. Everee’s unique platform includes a mobile app to run payments from anywhere, automated tax filings, simplified payments via bulk upload or an API, project tracking, time clock, scheduling, and more.

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everee is changing payroll

Solving a common payroll problem

The company was created out of a problem the founder saw in the market. His daughter went to college and started working to pay her bills. She earned enough to cover her expenses, but the income timing didn’t match up with the bill’s due dates. She had to ask her parents for occasional loans. After looking into the situation, the founder realized this was a problem throughout the entire payroll system.

Everee is easy to use

In creating Everee, their main objective was to create a tool that is easy to use. They ensured this happened by creating mobile-first technology. People are used to engaging with consumer apps and they wanted this to be no different. Everee has been called the Uber of payroll because of the easy-to-use mobile app. It’s a lot of big technology that they needed to work correctly on an app.

Employees get paid when they want

Everee is a Saas tool that is changing payroll by offering flexible options for employees. Never before has the “get paid every two weeks” model been disrupted like this. Now employees can get paid when they want to be paid. Not only that, but they can change their preferences on the mobile app. That means if one month they want to get paid daily, they can. Then, the next month they can move to get paid weekly. The software does all of the heavy lifting. They can make changes very easily through the mobile app.

This is life-changing for so many employees. Having the option to get paid in this way is huge for the current gig economy.

Simplifying the payroll system

The payroll system we are accustomed to can be very antiquated. But, payroll is one area of business that you can have zero errors. So, many employers just go with what has been working in the past. Switching payroll providers can be complicated, but Everee says they can get the project done in 30 days. They have everything that people are accustomed to having with payroll software, but they also offer faster pay. It also helps administrators who want employees to self serve. There are robust product features. You can expect to have a great user interface and mobile-first technology. It’s exciting to see how Utah company Everee is changing payroll.

Thanks to Brett Barlow, CEO, and Tyler Ploeger, CFO at Everee for taking time to be on the Biking Brokers podcast. You can listen to other episodes here.

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