5 Questions to Determine Your Company’s Need:

  1. What would happen if your largest customer couldn’t pay? – Protect your company against financially insolvent or slow-paying. 
  2. Could you sell more if you could offer higher credit limits? – Safely expand sales while overcoming the conflict between sales force and credit departments.
  3. Would independent, third-party credit information and analysis improve the quality of your receivables and strengthen your balance sheet?   – Gain access to not only comprehensive information on your clients’ financial strength, but also specific factors and reasons to aid in your decision-making process.
  4. Would you benefit from a maximum cap on your bad debt? – If smoother earnings, tax advantages, and a cap on possible losses in your A/R interest you, the cost/benefit of freeing up reserves should thrill you!
  5. Do you need this insurance for international trade or for a bank loan?  – Our underwriters can work directly with your loan officers to ensure a positive presentation of your company’s credit insurance accounts receivables.

Benefits of having Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance is more than rolling the dice

We can all appreciate the benefits of a smoother earnings cycle with a cap on bad debt.