Your property is more than just a house; it is a home and deserves to be protected by quality insurance companies who take care of you and your family during claims – headache and hassle free. Each client has unique needs that require comprehensive protection, whether it is for your main house, a vacation home, or a temporary rental, our team will work with you to get you the right coverage and help prevent issues from happening.

Personal Auto

With over two decades of commitment to the venture capital industry, we have continued to meet the expanding needs of the venture capital community by addressing all aspects of a firm’s exposure to risk. In lieu of providing solutions in only one or two areas, we offer a suite of insurance products with the simple goal of helping VC clients neutralize risk.

Personal Umbrella (Excess Liability)

Things can go wrong – at fault multiple car accident, guests injured on your property, or a lawsuit. Not having the right coverage can mean an unfortunate situation compromising your financial security. Personal Umbrella insurance provides additional protection if underlying liability limits of your home, auto, or watercraft policies are not enough to cover the unexpected costs of an accident or lawsuit.

Valuable Articles (Jewelry/Fine Arts)

Jewelry and Art go well beyond just something to wear or hanging on your wall. They elicit memories of special moments and places in your life. With options to protect an entire collection with blanket coverage or schedule individual items, you can have peace of mind knowing that your priceless pieces are protected.


Although earthquakes are unpredictable, you can take proper steps to prepare for a catastrophe (i.e., 72 Hour Kits). We can see if your home qualifies for this unique coverage and share tips on how to best be prepared. Majority of home claims are water related. Some caused by weather and some are not. Having a typical homeowner’s policy may not cover flood damage, so having a flood policy can help protect your home and belongings in the event of a covered loss.

Family Offices

Each family has their own unique needs and lifestyle that deserves to be protected. Our team understands the complex exposures that families face and can find the right insurance solutions that provide peace of mind.

Comprehensive protection for your home, car, and more

From your home and automobiles, to the people you love and care about most, you have a lot to protect. You need the level of service that comes from working with a premium insurer who specializes in successful individuals like you.