Travel has become a necessity in our new global economy In our global economy, travel is a necessity, and the global marketplace puts incredible demands and uncertain risks on today’s business travelers.

Businesses, corporations, and international organizations routinely send employees on sales calls, business meetings, training sessions, and conferences worldwide. Unfortunately, the political climate in some areas of the world can be unpredictable at times and presents real threats and concerns for business travelers and their employers or group organizers.

Travel Accident plans can be structured locally or globally depending upon the need:

Local Policies

These policies can be established in each country having its own admitted policy with a local insurer.

Global Policies

These policies can be written in the U.S. to cover the worldwide population; under this arrangement, there are no locally admitted policies.

Controlled Master Programs

These programs combine a U.S. based global policy with locally admitted policies placed in foreign jurisdictions.

Customizable coverage plans

Travel Accident insurance plans can fill coverage gaps and coverage for specific risks that many disability policies do not cover. You can customize your coverage to fit the needs of most groups—even non-employee groups are eligible for this type of plan.

Travel Accident insurance emergency assistance services

Travel Accident emergency services can include locating the nearest, most appropriate medical care, maintaining contact with family members, locating translation services, obtaining information on the international emergency transfer of funds, obtaining legal assistance, and assisting in the replacement of lost or stolen travel documents, among others.