06 Apr 2020

Quarantine Resources and WFH Hacks

We are including below quarantine resources and WFH hacks – information that may be useful for people looking to self-isolate, self-quarantine, or minimize public contact. For further information, please review the topics below and follow the links. Other more insurance-specific resources can be found at COVID-19 / Coronavirus Response Resources

Quarantine - Self-Isolation

Information Regarding Quarantining, Self-Isolation, and Social Distancing:

At Home Activities:

Mental Health Tips:

Tips for Working from Home:

Exercising at Home:

Food Delivery Services:

Grocery Delivery Services:

We are closely monitoring virus-related developments and government guidance across industries and will provide updated information and links as we learn them. From travel bans and workplace accommodations, disclosure obligations, and insurance questions, we can help navigate COVID-19-related business concerns. These quarantine resources and WFH hacks will change as the conditions and economy change. We also have some great information on the CARES Act and how it will be implemented that can be found in our webinar Introduction to the CARES Act – Webinar Recording