Claims Advocacy

Nothing sets us apart from our competitors more than our impassioned claims advocacy on behalf of our clients. Institutional brokers tend to segment claims handling apart from the day-to-day client-service responsibilities, your entire team is immersed in the claims process at every step of the way. The hallmark of our service brand is our ability to consistently fight hard for our clients and aggressively push for their rights under the policy.

Claims Advocate

Often liability claims put you in a three-front war against Plaintiffs, your Insurance Carriers, and at times, your own Defense Counsel. We are experts at sifting through the murky language of insurance policies, fighting for our clients and protecting their rights and interests under the policy. Insurance policies are contracts of adhesion – any ambiguity should favor the insured.

Successful Claims Payment

During the past ten years, we’ve assisted clients in settling over $100M of insurance claims. When it comes to large, complicated claims, we deliver. We have extensive history in working with underwriters to facilitate beneficial interpretations of policy language to ensure claims payment when possible. In many cases, personal relationships with carriers have been a contributing factor in the payment of claims – even when, in some instances, certain claims could have technically been denied.

Personal Responsibility

The Question to ask is, “Will YOU be involved in the claims process and who is the one person I can count on to take responsibility for ensuring that we are well represented?” Your team leader will be your full-time advocate and will take responsibility for your claims. We are involved from beginning to end.

Recent Successes of Lowering Insureds Total Cost of Risk

Lowered Work Comp Costs
We lowered work comp costs by $350,000 by increasing awareness to safety and insurance program re-design.
Restructure Product Liability
We restructured product liability exposure rating basis to reduce premium by $100,000; sales revenues had become inflated due to rising costs of raw materials and was no longer a material measure of risk. We successfully persuaded the underwriter that tonnage produced was a more relevant measure of exposure and risk.
Cut Premiums
We cut premium by $135,000 after developing a new-hire safety course and a return-to-work progam.
Contract Advise
We advised client regarding supplier contracts and indemnification language; subsequent $500,000 food recall claim was fully transferred to supplier