Large Property Insurance

Diversified’s large property account management team has proven to be a trustworthy, hardworking, and loyal client advocate. We offer a broad spectrum of insurance carriers that share your interest in properly insuring your commercial and/or residential properties.

Relationships matter. Strong personal relationships with insurance underwriters and their respective insurance carriers allows Diversified Insurance Brokers to offer one of the strongest negotiating positions in the state.


The following qualifications give you an advantageous broker-client relationship:

  • Potential tenants for our clients. In fact, one of our clients found that one of our referral tenants’ new lease revenue almost paid for the entire insurance program of the business park
  • Consolidated, easy-to-manage program with uniform and complete coverages, along with competitive pricing
  • Tenant certificate request plan to keep your rates down, ensure proper coverage, and minimize risk
  • Premium and coverage negotiation based on years of experience with other large properties just like yours – to ensure that your insurance program takes advantage of all available credits and loss control information
  • Risk management and insurance for your other needs like Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Executive Liability, and others to create a comprehensive, complete insurance program
Diversified’s core business operations consist of risk management consulting, insurance advice, scalable insurance program placement, and facilitation of insurance services (loss control and claims management) for medium to large organizations headquartered in the western United States.