VentureInsurance for Venture Capital Firms

Venture  capitalists face numerous risks in the course of their daily activities as investors and advisors. These may include lawsuits from limited partners and portfolio company management and shareholders alleging.

The VentureInsure Difference

TechAssure (of which Diversified is a member) and NVCA have partnered with three of the nation’s leading A+ rated insurers specializing in VC liability insurance to provide NVCA members with superior protection and pricing. After extensive market R&D, TechAssure has developed a liability insurance policy for NVCA members that provides unsurpassed protection to VC & Private Equity firms and their partners.

VentureInsure SM covers:*

  • Entity Exposures
  • General Partners Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Outside Directorship Liability
  • Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability

*subject to policy terms and conditions


  • Broad coverage with respects to IP, conflict of interest, run-off liability, severability, anti-trust and breach of contract claims;
  • Proven premium savings based on NVCA program leverage, expertise, efficiency and attention to an individuals firm’s risk profile.

VentureInsure for VC-Backed Startup Companies

NVCA-Endorsed Program for companies that have received funding from NVCA-Member Venture Capital Firms

As  a director or officer of a closely held private company, why do you really need Directors & Officers (D&O) liability insurance? Litigation naming directors and officers of private companies can stem from founders or investors in the company, from competitors, clients, current or former employees, and the government. The costs to defend such litigation can fatally cripple an emerging company’s finances and reputation.

All D&O policies are not created equal. VentureInsure can help to ensure that your assets are adequately protected in the event of litigation. TechAssure (of which Diversified is a member) has partnered with four of the nation’s leading A rated carriers to provide NVCA member portfolio companies with competitive quotes on a standardized, pre-negotiated basis, offering the most comprehensive D&O and EPL protection in the marketplace today.

Some of the unique pre-negotiated features of TechAssure’s D&O program include*:

  • Highly competitive premiums due to multiple endorsed carriers competing to earn business
  • Two year policy terms available
  • Coverage for claims brought by founders no longer with the company, with no waiting period
  • Coverage for Breach of Contract claims against the individual Ds and Os
  • Coverage for IP claims against individual Ds and Os
  • Coverage for claims brought by minority shareholders
  • Full coverage for private placements including road show activities
  • Full Severability for Innocent Insureds
  • Additional Side A protection at no extra cost
  • Coverage for unfair business practices and anti-trust claims
  • Broadest definition of employment practices violation

* subject to underwriting and individual firm’s risk profile

VentureInsure offers a streamlined, online application process that will yield competitive quotes from all of the endorsed carriers, as well as a detailed coverage matrix and analysis exclusively available to companies backed by NVCA capital.