Affiliate Networks

TechAssure Membership

TechAssure is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 to provide training and education services for risk management professionals that specialize in the technology, life sciences, and digital media industries. Members are independent agents and sponsors are specialty underwriters committed to serving the full spectrum of companies in these industries with customized insurance products, unique services, and proprietary intellectual property.

Clients of TechAssure members range from start-ups to multi-billion dollar public companies – but all benefit from the global reach and coordinated training received by TechAssure members. As an insurance buyer you will benefit from the best-trained advisors who can draw upon the collective intellectual property, experience, and risk management tools of professionals who serve over 4,000 industry companies.

As a member of TechAssure our capabilities are expanded through the collective efforts of other members who share best practices, benchmarking, and purchasing clout. Each member agency represents a specific region and works daily with other members of the network to:

  • Serve the daily, transactional, needs of clients throughout the world
  • Implement risk management programs and training that reduce the exposure to loss of our clients
  • Help clients finance risk transfer through specialized insurance products

Benefit Advisors Network

We are a proud member of Benefit Advisors Network, the premier, national, credentialed network of independent benefit advisory & consulting companies.