Diversified HR Workshop 2018


This unique program is designed to help the HR professional understand what a CEO expects of their team, and how to be a successful contributor.
About Larry Myler

Larry Myler is an author and business strategist for companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He has been involved in seven start-ups and is currently the Founder and CEO of By Monday, Inc. His expertise is concentrated in the areas of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation, employee engagement and revenue growth through strategic alignment.

Larry’s book, Indispensable By Monday, extends his expertise and vision to employees at all levels, teaching them how to innovate in ways that are aligned with their employer’s mission.

Larry has been a Forbes.com contributor since 2012, with more than 125 articles published to date. In addition, he has appeared in numerous online publications including BusinessWeek, Training, ResourceNation, and FastCompany, and quoted in Fortune Magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Larry Myler has a BS in psychology from Brigham Young University, and an MBA with an emphasis in international business from the University of Utah. He is an adjunct professor in the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the Marriott School of Business at BYU.

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